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Consultancy helps us to review and improve our work, and be more efficient


Working as the head of counselling services for the past 16 years, I have faced and managed many tough situations. I have first-hand experience of having led teams through challenging changes and restructures. This has sparked my interest first in coaching, then in organisational dynamics so I could help others who face challenges.

Seniors colleagues across the sector trust my judgement, personal skills and experience and turn to me for advice and as a result, I sit on a number of national and international committees and boards. Part of my role as the head of the university counselling service at the University of Cambridge was to offer consultations to senior staff across the University and the Colleges. In addition, I have supported many service managers as well as member of senior leadership teams.

This broad and varied experience, means that I have gathered a great deal of knowledge and experiences that enables me to understand and address the issues that are brought to me in consultancy.
I have worked in different countries and with international audiences, which sparked my interest and skills in cross-cultural work. Improving inclusion is important to me, and I have a strong track record of actively promoting diversity in my work.

I will bring this varied outlook to my consultancy work and can help you and your organisation by helping you to think about:

  • promoting mental health and wellbeing in your organisation

  • developing a mental health and wellbeing strategy

  • developing staff resilience

  • supporting a diverse work-force

  • listening to those quiet voices that are not heard in the workplace

  • preparing staff to leave or return for international placements

  • helping you understand, identify and address issues that are holding you back in your organisation

  • developing team cohesion

Universities and Colleges
As a leader in the field of student mental health and wellbeing, with 15 years’ experience leading counselling, mental health and wellbeing services in universities, and holding national executive positions, I can help you to design, review and improve:

  • student mental health and wellbeing across your organisation

  • wellbeing, counselling and mental health service provision

  • student support services

  • mental health strategy

  • suicide prevention strategy

  • deliver services that are evidence-based and value for money

  • deliver a whole institution approach to mental health

  • the skillset of your student services and welfare staff

  • deliver services that are that culturally appropriate

  • cohesion across student services strands

  • apply for the University Mental Health Charter or service accreditation

  • recruitment and selection of student mental health, counselling and wellbeing staff

  • online support services for students

  • responses to sexual harassment or sexual assault

Key roles:

  • Consultancy advisor – global universities in China

  • Vice-Chair – Mental Wellbeing in Higher Education expert group (MWBHE) at Advance HE

  • Member of UUK Task Group: Mental Health in Higher Education Consent for Disclosure

  • Chair of Academic Committee of China-UK University Counselling Association

Former roles

  • Head of Counselling, Cambridge University, overseeing a team of over 40 staff

  • Past Chair, Strategy Advisor and Executive Committee Member of the BACP Universities & Colleges Division

  • Past Chair and Member of the Executive Committee of the national group for Heads of University Counselling Services (HUCS)

  • Member of the Education Transitions Network Department for Education

  • Mental Health Foundation development board committee

  • Advisor - Alliance for Student-Led Wellbeing

  • Student Counselling Service Manager, Birmingham City University

  • Acting Manager and Senior Practitioner, Aquarius Community Alcohol Team, Birmingham

  • Consultancies in banking and theatre

Consultancy Fees:
On application
In addition, I charge travel and accommodation, where required, when working away from Cambridge.

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