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Supervision and reflective practice

Supervision enables us to reflect on our work, improve our professional practice and demonstrate our commitment to ethical practice


I qualified as a supervisor with the University of Leicester in 2007. Since then, I have worked with individuals and groups.
My supervision practice includes working with:

  • trainee therapists on professional courses at Leicester and Birmingham Universities

  • experienced therapists working in different counselling sectors

  • mental health professionals (mental health nurses, occupational health therapists and social workers)

  • In addition, I have facilitated reflective practice spaces for:

  • tutors, nurses and others in the helping, teaching, and social care professions.

As former Head of Counselling at the University of Cambridge I held clinical accountability for the work of the service and oversaw the provision of psychological support for the collegiate university, leading a team of over 40 counsellors, CBT therapists, university sexual harassment and assault advisor and mental health advisors.

Universities and Colleges
I can offer specialist university and college:

  • clinical supervision for  therapists

  • reflective practice or clinical supervision for mental health and wellbeing staff

  • reflective practice for college nurses, tutors and welfare staff

  • clinical consultations on challenging situations

  • specialist HE organisational supervision and consultancy for heads of service

Consultation Fees:
from £100 for a 50-minute online consultation.

Cancellations are charged for.

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