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Research, writing and conferences

I speak frequently at international conferences, on a variety of therapy, university, mental health, diversity, leadership, research and wellbeing topics.

Research, writing, conference

I have extensive experience of chairing conferences, panels, and delivering talks and keynote sessions to a variety of professionals groups and audiences both in the UK and internationally.

I am the Vice-Chair of the MWBHE expert group at Advance HE, a past Chair of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Universities & Colleges Division as well as the national group for Heads of University Counselling Services (HUCS), and the Chair of the Academic Committee of China-UK University Counselling Association.

I contribute regularly to professional, counselling and research journals.

Editor of the Best Practice Guidelines for University Counselling Services - BACP UC 2017

Contributor and reviewer for BACP The Competences Required To Deliver Effective Counselling In Further And Higher Education (2016).

Assessment in Short-term Counselling in Higher Education (2015)
You can follow this link to a list of some of my publications (full list on request):

My practice and expertise are underpinned by a strong commitment to using theory and practice that are evidence-based. As a result, I have made my own contributions to research in my field by being a founding member of two national research groups in student mental health:
Mindfulness Skills for Students

Selected Conferences (full list on request)


  • Keynote The future of the mental health, counselling and wellbeing workforce in HE, MHWBHE conference – Advance HE and national meeting Heads of University Counselling Service Group (HUCS)

  • Panel member spotlight session : Equity, diversity and inclusion & presenter: Is it just stigma? Why students do not seek mental health support and what to do about it – EAIE Conference (Barcelona)

  • Boosting your resilience workshop (Antonine University, Lebanon)

  •  Keynote Student Mental Wellbeing: Challenges and Guidance Open Forum Events



  • Chairing online panel for MHWBHE – Advance HE Nailing Jelly to a Wall: Providing Wellbeing Support in a Time of Uncertainty


  • Counselling in the Shadow of Coronavirus / AUCCCD (USA – online) with R. Millar

  • Providing Culturally Competent Support Services / Westminster in Higher Education Forum


  • Keynote – Models and Experiences of Psychological Crisis Prevention and Intervention

      Conferences at Tongji, Xian, and Jilin Universities and Chinese Association for Mental Health (Bejing)

  • Counselling in UK Universities and Colleges: Gathering Outcome Measures for the Sector:

      Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR)


  • Chairing BACP UC – Working with Research, Universities and Colleges Conference

  • Chairing BACP UC – Working with Suicide, Universities and Colleges Conference

  • Special Keynote –   Exploring the Role and Importance of Counselling in Effectively Supporting Students' Wellbeing New Gov


  • Next steps for Improving Mental Health Provision at University

      Westminster Higher Education Forum Seminar

  • Combatting Violence Against Women & Harassment on Campus

      Westminster Briefing


  • Effectiveness of Providing a Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Increase Resilience to Stress in University Students: Results from a Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial 

      BACP research conference with J Galante

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