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About me...

I love helping people and finding solutions to things, which is why I became a therapist and developed my practice to include training, supervision and coaching as well as consultancy.

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I am passionate in supporting individual and organisations through change and believe in the transformational power delivered through of all my areas of practice: Coaching, Training, Consultancy, Therapy, Supervision and Research. In those different areas I enable change by supporting people in developing their thinking, skills and behaviours to maximise their potential and abilities in a sustainable way.

I have developed my own skills and expertise through learning and practice spanning over 30 years and enjoy working with people from all backgrounds. I started my career in social care and teaching, worked in the addiction and trauma therapy fields and have worked in Universities for over 20 years. 

My practice and expertise are underpinned by a strong commitment to using theory and practice that are evidence-based. As a result, I have made my own contributions to research in my field by working on several practice research networks. Investing in research keeps me effective, informed of new findings and working to a high standard.

I have also had the privilege of supporting major development in my profession through working on several national boards and executive committees, as well as becoming the Chair of BACP Universities and Colleges Division, the Head of University Counselling Services group (HUCS) and  the Vice-Chair of the MWBHE expert group at Advance HE.

As the head of the counselling service at the University of Cambridge for over 7 years, I have first-hand experience of leading a team of over 40 staff, whom I led through changes and delivering numerous projects. Leading teams in counselling, addictions and mental health services sparked my interest in change theory and management and my training first in coaching, then in organisational dynamics and consultancy.

Working internationally and collaborating with colleagues in China and the USA has helped to develop a global outlook. Having worked and lived on different continents I have also developed an interest in cross-cultural work, and I am skilled in working with issues of difference and diversity. I am an Associate Executive on the European Association for International Education (EAIE) Expert Community Guidance and Counselling.

I have a unique professional experience, having worked in health, social care, voluntary and educational settings in the UK and abroad.

Professional Training


Tavistock Centre London




of Leicester


Centre for Coaching



University of Birmingham


University of Birmingham


University of Nottingham


Nottingham Rape Crisis Centre

MA Consultation and the Organisation: Psychoanalytic Approaches

Online Counselling Certificate Course

Post Graduate Certificate Professional Studies (Supervision)

Coaching Certificate

MA Counselling

Post Graduate Certificate Alcohol & Drugs Interventions in Practice

Certificate, then Advanced Certificate in Counselling

Counselling Training

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