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Coaching helps us to focus on how to achieve our goals


I am an expert coach with over 15 years of practice.

As a coach I bring to my role more than 30 years of experience as a practitioner of psychological therapy, trainer, and supervisor which helps me to identify and focus on core issues quickly and effectively to maximise impact.
With such a broad knowledge base, I can skilfully coach you on personal, life, or work-related matters.

 I  work with:

  • staff from all levels of seniority, so I know how to relate and help you, whatever your role or the stage of your career

  • professionals and researchers in training, so I can skilfully help you to work smarter to achieve your goals, as well as balance your life and work aspirations

  • international staff and students, which gives me a global outlook and enables me to target my interventions, taking account of yours and your organisation’s cultural backgrounds

  • students on varied professional courses (medics, nurses, lawyers, social workers, therapists, psychologists, teachers, architects…) or art courses (musicians, artists…) so I can bring that wealth of experience to resourcefully support you in reaching your goals

  • lecturers, researchers, senior tutors – I understand the impact of different professional contexts on different professionals.

Peers in my professional field trust my judgement and abilities, often approaching me for coaching, advice and mentoring and, in 2023, I was a reviewer for BACP Coaching Competences framework. I have worked on many national committees as well as set up and led the mentoring scheme for HUCS (heads of University Counselling Services), which I have overseen for the past 10 years – through this ground-breaking scheme, I have overseen the support delivered to over 35 heads of university counselling services. Having such a comprehensive experience means that I am really good at identifying issues and blocks and can offer you a wide range of strategies to address them. All throughout my career I have helped and supported people.

Do contact me, so I can help you too.

Coaching Fees:
Online coaching / from £100 for a 50-minute consultation.

Cancellations are charged for.

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