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and reflective practice

Supervision enables us to reflect on our work, improve our professional practice and demonstrate our commitment to ethical practice


I qualified as a supervisor with the University of Leicester in 2007. Since then, I have worked with many individuals and groups.

My supervision practice includes working with:

  • Experienced therapists working in different counselling sectors

  • Mental health professionals (mental health nurses, occupational health therapists and social workers)

  • Trainee therapists on professional courses at Leicester and Birmingham Universities

Reflective practice spaces for:

  • Tutors, nurses and others in the helping, teaching, and social care professions

  • Wellbeing and student support services advisors

  • Welfare officers and  accommodation staff

  • Staff working in challenging sectors (research, security)

Organisational supervision for:

  • Heads of mental health, counselling and wellbeing services. 

  • Student support and accommodation services managers

  • Clinical consultations to manage and debrief challenging situations

  • Specialist HE organisational supervision and consultancy for heads of service


from £100 for a 50-minute online consultation.
Cancellations are charged for.


My Supervisor's previous experience and knowledge of performing a similar management role meant that she fully understood and had experienced some of the issues that I was being presented with.

Acting Head of Mental Health

"Geraldine is also extremely generous in sharing knowledge, resources and suggested actions that will directly impact me as individual, or my workplace situation, for the better."

Mental health professional

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